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The same, but different.

When your body detects something harmful (like a bacteria or a virus) your immune system starts to produce antibodies. Each type of antibody is unique, and everyone develops them at different rates. 

The BioSURE HIV Self Test uses technology very similar to a pregnancy test, but it detects the specific antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 (not actual HIV).

Why choose the BioSURE HIV Self Test ?

Simple to use with only a tiny drop of blood and your own result in 15 minutes....

Proven accuracy of over 99.7% accuracy

No HIV test is easier

When you want to be sure, be #BioSure.

What is the HIV Window Period?

Everyone produces antibodies at different rates. About half of people have produced antibodies to HIV (seroconvert) by 4 weeks after transmission. This goes up to about 95% of people by 6 weeks, but some people make their antibodies up to 12 weeks after transmission.

This is why you can test from 4 weeks after possible exposure, but you must not rely on a negative result until 12 weeks after exposure. A positive test result is always a positive test result regardless of the window period.

Our test is proven to be extremely effective at diagnosing HIV. Extensive research has evidenced our kit to be exceptionally usable and tremendously accurate when performed correctly. It has a proven clinical sensitivity (if a person has HIV how often the test will be positive) of 99.7%, and a proven clinical specificity (if a person doesn’t have HIV how often will the test be negative) of 99.9%.

If you get a positive test result you must always get it confirmed by a healthcare professional and if you are at all unsure of your result you must you can always get in touch on Whatsapp for us to help.

3 simple steps is all it takes...

With a tiny prick, a test that naturally sucks up the correct amount of blood and a quick poke into the pre-measured buffer pot your own results in just 15 minutes.


"Have I done my test correctly?"

A vital part of self-testing is knowing whether you have performed your test correctly and if you can trust your result.

Well, we at BioSure can confidently say that if you have at least one line on your BioSURE HIV Self Test, then you have performed your test correctly and your result is reliable.

Sample Control line

Our BioSURE self-tests have a special inbuilt feature called a Sample Control Line. This means the negative line can only appear if you have applied enough blood. If you haven't put enough blood in then no lines will appear. This is the only way you can be sure you have performed your test correctly and be confident in your result.

Most other rapid tests only have what is called a procedural control line, which means any liquid applied to the test will

make a negative line appear, regardless if any sample is present. You have no way of knowing if you have performed your test correctly.

Know what you are buying. Be sure with BioSURE.