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Why is it worth knowing my antibody status?

Knowing your level of protection against COVID-19 means you can make far better informed choices and decisions.

With the uncertainty created over the past two years, everyone's mental wellbeing has been impacted. We have been lucky enough to monitor our immune responses individually, on a monthly basis, for the past two years and it has been worth it's weight in gold. Being able to know the level of precautions we need to take on an individual basis, makes us feel empowered and in control.

Whether it is understanding the effectiveness of your vaccinations, whether it is time for booster and whether your recent cold was in fact COVID-19, knowing more about your body can help build your confidence.

What is an antibody?

Antibodies are specialised proteins that your immune system produces in response to a foreign substance.

They work like a lock and key and in the case of the coronavirus, the neutralising antibodies block the spike on the outside of the virus to prevent it being able to enter and infect your cells.

It takes your body a little while to make these, so we recommend you do not test until at least 14 days after your infection or second vaccination.

What is a neutralising antibody?

Our antibody tests do not detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus directly, it detects neutralising IgG antibodies specific to the virus that are made by your body as part of your immune response, from recovery from infection and from vaccination.

These antibodies are made in your B-cells in your bone marrow and are different from binding antibodies, which are the type that alert your immune system that a pathogen has invaded, so that your white blood cells can be sent to destroy it. COVID-19 neutralising antibodies actually block the spike of the virus from attaching to your cells.

Neutralising IgG antibodies stay in your body for a number of months and the amount of them varies enormously and depends upon how strong your initial immune reposnse was. Lots of things influence how long these neutralising antibodies last, including age, gender and any symptoms experienced from your vaccination or infection.


We are proud to offer you even more choice -

with the BioSURE COVID-19 IgG Antibody Self Test you can know if you have protection in minutes, with just a fraction of a drop of blood.

If it is important to you to know your exact levels of IgG antibodies, we can now offer you a quantitative laboratory test from a blood sample collected from a fingerprick at home.