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BioSure HIV Self Test: Removing fear, taking control

BioSure HIV Self Test: Removing fear, taking control

For many of us in our twenties, staying on top of sexual health isn’t always as high on the agenda as it should be. When we think about sex, and staying safe, thoughts of a nagging voice of authority from our school days appear, stating in an abrasive manner “USE PROTECTION”. We know this instinctively, but when you get caught up in the moment, rummaging for a condom that can’t be found at the back of a drawer – practicing safe sex often falls by the wayside. Admittedly, the nurses of our school days meant well – but staying on top of sexual health is a personal practice, and can be understood much easier once we know the plain facts and how best to insure we are protected. Speaking for myself as a sexually fluid man in his early twenties who has relations with both men and women, it can be even more confusing to sift through the misinformation and find out what actually poses a risk to my sexual health.

When we have sex unprotected the anxiety of HIV is enough to make us stop and think. Out of all the possible STI’s we can contract, HIV is without a doubt the most feared. Because of its severity we need to know whether or not we are HIV clear - especially when sleeping with new sexual partners. However, finding out your status isn’t always as simple as we would like. When I do decide to undergo a sexual health screening all too often it's either… a) too hard to schedule an appointment or b) I order a home test kit which just collects dust in my bed side cabinet. With BioSure things are different. Forget what you know about home testing kits, and waiting nervously for days or even weeks to find out your results, BioSure gives you the answers in 15 minutes. Stunned, I figured I would have to try this for myself.

When the package came through my door, my house mates could have easily mistaken it for a parcel delivery. With extremely discrete packaging, only once the box was opened and I spotted the smart matt box of BioSure did I realise what it was. Inside was easy to read instructions and diagrams showing me what I needed to do to get my HIV test results. I followed them through, and then got to the dreaded BLOOD TEST. I’m not the biggest fan of needles, and was delighted to find that all that was needed was a tiny drop of blood. When I pressed my finger down on the lancet and a spot of blood appeared, I was thinking to myself ‘is that it?’… sure enough it was, and after tapping the device on my finger and placing it in the tests ready assembled stand I then set my timer for 15 minutes to find out whether my results were positive or negative.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest reasons that people fail to take regular sexual health screenings is fear. Waiting for days and sometimes weeks for a result is nerve racking. What I found with BioSure is that knowing you will be given your own results within 15 minutes not only gives you peace of mind, it eliminates anxiety. BioSure is the smart solution for you to take control and find out your HIV status. Satisfying our ‘need to know’ mentality, BioSure provides you with a phone number where you can call the team or even send WhatsApp messages to discuss any fears or anxiety you have. This smart way of operating once again eliminates the fear factor and makes you feel at ease. It’s as easy as sending a message to a friend, and leaves you feeling secure and looked after. With BioSure I found the anxiety of getting my results vanish. It’s quick and easy, and gives you a new lease of life. Once you receive your results, and regain your peace of mind, it inspires you to never live in fear or ignorance again. With a process this easy, getting regularly tested every 3-6 months becomes a breeze. Who knew sexual health could be that simple?